Beyond the ideas expressed below, Coach Fred can work with you to develop a custom-tailored experience that convey's his critical messages through the lens of your organization's needs...

Transformation: In this powerful presentation, Coach Fred will weave real-life stories together to inspire the audience to embrace change and uncover the secret to controlling transformation with choice and the power of a plan.

Connection: Utilizing his 20+ years of financial-services sales experience, Coach Fred will inspire the audience to connect with clients on a deeper level by understanding the power of our stories and how to share them from the heart.

Endurance: Surviving 10 years of turmoil took incredible endurance — of mind, body and spirit. In this gripping discussion, Coach Fred will inspire the audience to understand the power of our passions and sharing them as well as how to tap the inner strength that we all possess.

Do More Than Survive...Thrive!: Applying the financial planning process in every part of our life. Focus on the opportunities and connections that matter.

Coaching Beyond the Game: Coaching, beyond youth athletics and financial planning to the bigger game of LIFE!